Documenting the Oakland cultural renaissance

Mission Statement

  • To document Oakland’s incredibly talented, historically slept-on scene and establish a promotional platform to uplift the city’s artists and culture keepers locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • To cover Oakland’s cultural renaissance from an Oakland perspective.
  • To establish an alternate media narrative which tells the real story of Oakland
  • To facilitate constructive dialogue about art and its role in society.
  • To facilitate community engagement and immersion in the arts.
  • To further the concept of an artistic/cultural platform as an economic development initiative.
  • To represent the city’s rich cultural history in the face of an influx of newcomers and gentrification.

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Hi! i work for Oaklandish and love what you guys are doing. is there a way to get in touch, directly?


  2. I published two blog posts about the Oakland renaissance on Planetizen. Is there any way to et my posts reprinted on on Oakulture?


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